Welcome to Kulin District High School

Kulin District High School caters for students in years K-10 and is located in the Central Wheat Belt just over 100kms east of Narrogin.

Kulin District High School students know where they're going, know how to get there and are academically, socially, and emotionally equipped for the journey as confident and engaged citizens.

At Kulin District High School

  • We STRIVE with confidence
  • We STRIVE with respect, and
  • We STRIVE to succeed

Kulin District High School aims to develop the learning, social and personal skills and abilities of its students, enabling them to maximise their potential in further education and the workplace and to become active, effective, confident, and valued participants in society.

The school extends a warm welcome to all students and parents. We are a small school with an excellent reputation that takes pride in the achievements of both our past and present students.

Kulin District High School aims to establish a close working relationship between teachers, students, parents and the school community. Effective communication with the school community is an essential part of the way we do things at Kulin DHS. Our aim is to keep you informed by providing relevant and timely information about how your children are performing at school.

There are also opportunities for input into school activities through:

  • Parents & Citizens Association
  • School Board

The school occupies a special place in the community of Kulin. We make the following fundamental commitments to the community:

  • We are committed to high standards.
  • We strive to ensure that every student who attends the school achieves the highest standard of learning of which they are capable.
  • We are committed to high quality teaching.
  • Every teacher is expected to monitor students’ progress, to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and to provide an educational programme appropriate to their needs.
  • We are committed to parents receiving information about the standards being achieved by the school.