Gordon Street, PO Box 19, Kulin WA 6365 08 9880 1264 kulin.dhs@education.wa.edu.au

Welcome to Kulin District High School

Kulin District High School aims to be recognised as a school of excellence where students are eager and proud to attend, parents want to send their children, staff love to work and which the local and wider community values and supports.

Our values, which underpin the educational programs at Kulin DHS, are:

  • A pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to achievement of potential.
  • Self-acceptance and respect of self.
  • Respect and concern for others and their rights.
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility.

Kulin is located in the upper great southern Wheatbelt, the Shire of Kulin covers an area of 4,790 square kilometres. The Shire of Kulin encompasses the towns of Kulin, Pingaring, Dudinin, Jitarning, and Holt Rock. The Kulin economy is based on agriculture and was settled by pastoralists in 1905.


Link to 2015 IPS Review Findings Report

Dates to Remember:

November 10th          3/4 Assembly

November 14th          Kindy Orientation

November 16th          Graduation Dinner